Standardized PSG analysis

Polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard in sleep research and in the development of investigational products affecting sleep.

This measurement provides objective endpoints on the duration and structure of sleep ("sleep architecture"). Different agents (like benzodiazepines, z-drugs, orexin receptor antagonists) show a characteristic profile in sleep architecture.

The PSG scoring process at The Siesta Group are built around the use of Somnolyzer 24x7, the world’s most validated sleep scoring software, which delivers significantly higher reliability of all endpoints than purely visual scoring processes. This leads to higher study power, better comparability, as well as faster response times enabling more efficient protocols.

Sleep is an important endpoint not only for drugs targeting sleep itself (hypnotics), but plays in important role in differentiating many other CNS-active compounds from competitors in the market.

Extended Sleep-EEG analysis

In addition to standardized scoring of sleep, The Siesta Group also offers extended analysis of sleep EEG allowing for a more detailed investigations of sleep processes and their changes by pharmacological interventions.

These analyses include:

  • Sleep Microstructure analysis
    • Sleep spindles
    • K-complexes
    • EEG arousals
    • Cyclic Alternating Patterns (CAP)
    • REM density and intensity)
  • FFT/Spectral analysis (qEEG in sleep)
  • Periodic limb movements and respiratory events
  • EEG Mapping
  • Cyclic alternating Patterns (CAPs)